Creating value for buyers and shareholders, one home at a time.

Breighton’s vision of creating radiant communities can be broken down into two clear objectives:

  1. Design, create, and sell homes for the mid-to-upper-class segment.
  2. Adopt, reinvigorate, and revitalize existing developments so they are safer, marketable, and more successful.

To achieve this, we partner with qualified investors and landowners who wish to share in these objectives.

Creating value for buyers and shareholders, one home at a time.

Our Services

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Sales & Marketing We employ a strong and experienced team of sales agents and marketing experts to match buyers with their dream homes, with systems and processes that efficiently guide and safeguard the sales journey.

Construction & Development Management Icon

Construction & Development Management We implement land crafting and development, from preparing untouched locations to reshaping existing projects, working with highly qualified and experienced construction companies to build vertical and horizontal communities using the best in urban planning and modern development techniques.

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Property Management We also oversee and maintain the properties we build, making sure the communities are cared for and protected, each dwelling an enjoyable, lasting legacy.

Investors and Landowners

Investors and Landowners

We are building our landbank. Our current target is to have significant and accessible acreage in key cities throughout Southern Luzon.

We welcome queries from investors and landowners who would like to sell undeveloped property or discuss joint ventures. Please reach out with the following details: