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Sales & Marketing

We employ a strong and experienced team of sales agents and marketing experts to match buyers with their dream homes, with systems and processes that efficiently guide and safeguard the sales journey.

Construction & Development Management

We implement land crafting and development, from preparing untouched locations to reshaping existing projects, working with highly qualified and experienced construction companies to build portrait and landscape communities using the best in urban planning and modern development techniques.

Property Management

We also oversee and maintain the properties we build, making sure the communities are cared for and protected, each dwelling an enjoyable, lasting legacy.

Our Core Values

Anchored Hearts

We keep ourselves grounded and we stay focused on our mission and vision. We want our customers to build trust with us, and we treat people with high respect and dignity. In any given situation, we treat anyone else with utmost care, respect, and fairness.


With our Mission and Vision as an organization, we are focused in building God-centered and modern world-class communities. Our goal is that our development projects will make people feel safe, secure, sustained, and special

Disciplined Actions

We are accountable and dependable in our responsibilities and duties to our colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. Whatever we promise , we act on it and deliver.

Progress Mindset

We see challenge as a stepping stone for us to get to the next destination. Hence we are always keen to find solutions. Moreover, we are aware that there is no perfect output; only the best and right solution for that given situation. We value rate of feedback in all of our solutions, and we aim for continuous incremental improvements.

Breighton Land Project

At Breighton Land, we're not just about real estate; we're about creating vibrant communities and unlocking the potential of every landscape. Our vision is simple yet powerful: to cultivate spaces where people can thrive, communities can flourish, and dreams can take flight.

The Breighton Landscape Project:


  • Victoria - South of Alabang
  • Bellefort Estates
  • Carmona Estates
  • Montefaro Estates

Landscape Projects

Breighton's Landscape projects evoke the best experience for our homeowners and families. Designs are modern, and the spaces are very large and flexible - ideal for today's modern family needs.

Coming Soon!!

Portrait Projects

Landscapes Projects of Breighton Land

Breighton currently has projects in the Metro - particularly in Muntinlupa City and Cavite. More projects are also soon to take shape that will upgrade modern lifestyle for Filipino families

Breighton Villas

Breighton Villas are properties that range from PHP 12 million - 25 million, considered to be in the high-end open market.

Their floor areas range between 140 - 195 sqm. These properties give growing families a sense of spaciousness and breathability. The product-mix are horizontal dwellings that are single-detached, giving plenty of comfort for today’s active and healthy lifestyle.

Victoria - South of Alabang

Breighton Residence

Breighton Residences are dwellings that range from PHP 3 million – 12 million, considered to be in the mid-cost open market. These properties are ideal for starter families.

Floor area for the residences range between 80-140 sqm, and Breighton offers them in existing communities with excellent accessibility to shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and other necessities.

Bellefort Estates
Carmona Estates
Montefaro Village

Why Breighton Land is the Best Choice?

Experience modern dream dwellings that fit your family's healthy and proactive lifestyle

Sunrise Services

We initiate bright and wholesome service, always setting a positive tone, listening patiently, and joyfully putting our customers first.

Diligent solutioning

We tackle challenges with courage, believing that all problems have robust, honest solutions, hence we work hard every day.

Trust Formation

We listen to our stakeholders and pay attention to relationships, to build trust and success for all.

People Empowerment

We encourage ownership of roles and empower our people to be responsible in all they do = from the smallest unseen acts to big, showstopping accomplishments.

Video Gallery

The essence of our properties comes to life through stunning visual narratives. Immerse yourself in the world of Breighton as you embark on a virtual journey showcasing the beauty, elegance, and innovation of our real estate developments.


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Experience the transformative charm of Breighton, a symbol of progress, renowned for its remarkable transformation of heirloom landscapes into idyllic visions mirroring the dreams of its stakeholders. Step into a world where every detail is meticulously curated to reshape your notion of a dream dwelling.

We build tantalizing neighborhoods with creativity and serve with joy.

Breighton is a Philippine real estate company that focuses on mid-to-high-end developments in the south of Manila. Our target customers are people who desire a comfortable home that’s been planned with care, designed with foresight, and built to last a lifetime.

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