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verb to give new life to something; to restore to an active or fresh condition.

Breighton works with existing developments to imbue them with new life by developing modern homes and roads, improving security, and working with homeowners to develop a fresh and vibrant community.

We strive to delight every Breighton homebuyer.

At Breighton, we believe people deserve generous homes, with decent space, in a safe community with terrific amenities. While any developer can make that claim, we truly embrace it.

Breighton: Bright futures start at home
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Generous Homes

We work with architects, designers, and engineers to create maximalist homes that are easy on the pocket.

We leverage our experience in tech and engineering to solve common developer challenges, resulting in better designed homes that give and expand, rather than take and constrict.

Decent Homes

Our desire is for our customers to have ample space to extend their houses for more living room, or to have nice outdoor areas to enjoy the fresh air and feel connected to the outside.

While other developers want to cut land into as many parcels as possible, we believe that regulating population density makes for healthier neighborhoods, happier families, and more satisfied buyers.

Chief among Breighton’s goals
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Safe Communities

A well-guarded village means parents and children can enjoy their homes without having to worry about external threats to their families. Strong security measures and law enforcement are powerful deterrents to crime and ensure that families thrive in their communities.

Terrific amenities

Whether its clubhouses with wellness and recreational facilities (e.g. gyms, pools, tennis courts, outdoor spaces) or proximity to lifestyle and shopping centers, we’re committed to building developments that feature accessible, high-value destinations, both inside and outside.

Chief among Breighton’s goals

Our USPs

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Revitalization services. Breighton finds opportunity in projects to enable their full potential, working with key JV partners to inject life into old developments.

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Startup energy. Breighton is proactive and solutions-based, encouraging its people to think outside the box and pursue positive disruption, not settling for the status quo but looking for new, exciting ways to do things.

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People driven. By leveraging the best minds in real estate development, and by focusing on communities (not just commodities), we can create true, people-focused value.

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