Why Luzon Tops the List of Retirement Destinations

What makes Luzon the top retirement destination?

1. A mix of rural and urban living
2. Livable communities
3. Accessibility to health services
4. Relaxing climate
5. Accessible transportation

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- Embracing the golden years with contentment is a universal aspiration, each envisioning long-term fulfillment uniquely, cherishing the prospect of savoring serenity, joy, and a profound sense of belonging.

- Amidst its 7,641 islands, the Philippines stands as an ideal retirement haven with its vibrant economy, affordable cost of living, and retirement-friendly policies such as the Special Resident Retiree’s Visa. Among its regions, Luzon shines as a premier choice for retirees, offering diverse landscapes, urban conveniences, and top-notch healthcare and amenities.

- In this article, we will look into why Luzon tops the list of retirement destinations today.

● Among its 7,641 islands, the Philippines is recognized as an ideal retirement destination due to its vibrant economy, affordable cost of living, and retirement-friendly policies

● Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines, shines as a premier choice for retirees, offering diverse landscapes, urban conveniences, and top-notch healthcare and amenities.

● Bellefort Estates, Montefaro Village, Carmona Estates, and Victoria South of Alabang are highlighted as vibrant communities managed by Breighton Land, offering spacious homes and amenities conducive to a fulfilling retirement lifestyle.

A Mix of Rural and Urban Living

Suburban communities across Luzon provide retirees with spacious living, tranquility, and convenience. With ample space in larger homes and yards, retirees can relax and flourish.

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and personal spaces in these neighborhoods. Suburbs also offer convenient access to attractions and amenities, away from city congestion, amidst natural surroundings with less traffic.

Livable Communities

Luzon has many great places to live, but what makes a community livable? A livable community is safe and secure, offers different housing and transportation options, and serves everyone equally, regardless of age, income, or background. These types of communities help people stay independent as they get older, allowing them to stay in their homes and participate fully in community life.

Breighton Land is a trusted real estate developer in Metro Manila and southern Luzon. They ensure everyone, including retirees, can enjoy spacious homes with fantastic amenities.

Explore our vibrant communities in the South:

Bellefort Estates

Experience a tranquil lifestyle without compromising on the comforts you desire. Explore the serene atmosphere of Bellefort Estates managed by Breighton Land in Bacoor, Cavite. Delight in our selection of meticulously planned homes and indulge in amenities such as a swimming pool, basketball court, and clubhouse, fostering a strong sense of community.

Montefaro Village

Envision yourself in a setting where family, enjoyment, and retirement life come together effortlessly. Welcome to Montefaro Village, your Mediterranean sanctuary in Imus. This is a community where every detail, from the modern kitchens and air-conditioned rooms to the vibrant living spaces, is carefully curated to foster warmth and inclusivity.

Carmona Estates

Discover a welcoming and safe haven to call home at Carmona Estates. Our spacious homes offer enough room for everyone to flourish. Our residences create a serene ambiance with modern, minimalist designs, while amenities such as pools, basketball courts, clubhouses, and parks foster a lively community just steps away from your doorstep.

Victoria South Of Alabang

Experience the harmonious blend of tranquility and vibrancy at Victoria South of Alabang, where modern tropical living awaits with spacious indoor and outdoor areas. Residents can enjoy community amenities like parks, tennis and basketball courts, and playgrounds, fostering connections and leisure. With malls, hospitals, and educational institutions nearby, convenience and a friendly environment cater to residents of all ages.

Accessibility to Health Services

Living in southern Luzon provides proximity to essential healthcare facilities such as Asian Medical Hospital, Perpetual Help Medical Center, and De La Salle University Medical Center. With easy access to gyms and outdoor spaces for physical activities, proximity to medical care enhances quality of life, ensuring peace of mind as you age.

Relaxing Climate

The climate of Luzon is renowned for its beauty and diversity. With its varied landscapes and geographical features, the region offers a range of temperatures to suit every preference. Whether you prefer the refreshing breeze of the highlands or the warmth of the tropical coastlines, Luzon’s climate has something for everyone.

Accessible Transportation

Living in Cavite and Muntinlupa offers a peaceful retreat from city life, yet easy access to Metro Manila when needed. Breighton Land’s residential properties provide seamless connectivity via expressways like CAVITEX and the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway, minimizing travel time and facilitating smooth transitions between urban and suburban living.

Key Takeaway

Now that we understand why Luzon tops the list of retirement destinations in the country, let’s delve into the tranquility of senior living. Selecting the perfect residence through an experienced house and lot developer is vital, and Breighton Land is here to guide you through that decision-making process.

Discover a place that you can truly call home. Contact us today!

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