5 Family-Friendly Amenities of Carmona Estates

1. Expansive home layout
2. Parks and playgrounds
3. Sports areas
4. Neighborhood clubhouse
5. Secure environment

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- Carmona Estates, managed by Breighton Land, offers an enriching community experience with family-friendly amenities tailored to complement diverse lifestyles and enhance overall happiness and satisfaction.
- It provides a safe and wholesome living environment with modern homes, sprawling parks, playgrounds, basketball courts, clubhouses, and stringent security measures.
- Oakwood Residences, a new enclave within Carmona Estates, offers meticulously designed homes with family-friendly amenities, creating a haven of comfort and style.

● Choosing the perfect home for your family is a big decision, especially if you have kids. Parents naturally want their children to be safe, comfortable, and happy. That’s why finding a neighborhood with family-friendly amenities is crucial. These amenities can greatly affect how your child grows and feels.

● At Breighton Land, we oversee residential properties tailored to cater to familial needs seamlessly. In our unwavering dedication to rejuvenating established estates, we will feature the family-centric amenities of Carmona Estates in this article.

Expansive Home Layout

An expansive home layout is ideal for families today as it provides ample space for various activities, accommodating everyone’s needs comfortably. With room to grow and move around freely, family members can enjoy privacy, relaxation, and opportunities for bonding, fostering a harmonious and fulfilling living environment.

Our Mediterranean-inspired homes at Carmona Estates were designed with families in mind. Nestled within an expansive 87-hectare development, these residences offer abundant space for your family to flourish. Featuring spacious garages and a single-attached layout, the first floor embraces an open floor plan, providing ample room for your family to gather and cherish moments together.

Parks and Playgrounds

In addition to its spacious home layouts, Carmona Estates boasts proximity to parks and playgrounds designed specifically for children. These designated play areas are equipped with age-appropriate amenities to ensure an enjoyable experience for kids in the community. With features like swings, slides, and climbing structures, these playgrounds cater to children’s developmental needs, promoting active play and exploration.

These areas also function as inviting venues for outdoor activities, facilitating opportunities for children to socialize, make friends, and engage with nature. They offer a platform for kids to express their creativity, promoting a sense of belonging and cultivating a friendly and welcoming environment.

Sports Areas

Sports areas in residential neighborhoods are important for families as they encourage exercise, socializing, and happiness. Having a nearby sports facility makes it easy for families to stay active and spend quality time together. This leads to healthier lifestyles, less stress, and stronger bonds within the community.
At Carmona Estates, recreational facilities go beyond mere entertainment. With two swimming pools and one covered court, plus two open basketball courts, the property offers ample opportunities for active lifestyles. Whether shooting hoops or taking a dip, this community fosters a supportive environment, encouraging children to embrace physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Neighborhood Clubhouse

You’ll find the Sherwood and Redwood clubhouses within scenic green landscapes and thoughtfully planned residences in this estate. Serving as central hubs, these clubhouses play an essential role in cultivating a tight-knit community within the neighborhood.

By having these communal areas, Carmona Estates offers families a space to gather for events, celebrations, and leisure activities, encouraging a sense of belonging and rapport. The clubhouse often provides amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, and multipurpose areas, catering to diverse interests and ages within the community.

Secure Environment

Carmona, Cavite is noted as a family-friendly destination in the Philippines. At Carmona Estates, ensuring a secure environment for your family is our utmost priority. With a commitment to providing a secure environment, we’ve implemented rigorous security measures.

Each village entrance is equipped with guardhouses staffed by a minimum of 2 security guards, ensuring constant monitoring of entry and exit points. Our round-the-clock roaming security patrols, coupled with well-trained personnel, further enhance the safety and peace of mind of all residents.

Experience Carmona Estate’s Newest Jewel: Oakwood Residences

As a team devoted to crafting communities of enduring value, Breighton Land presents to you Oakwood Residences, a new enclave within Carmona Estates.

This meticulously designed two-story homes feature four spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an inviting living and dining area, creating a haven of comfort and style. Your family will appreciate the convenience of a well-planned kitchen, provision for service/laundry area, and carport, seamlessly integrated into each home.

With its emphasis on accommodating diverse lifestyles and providing a nurturing environment for families, Oakwood Residences at Carmona Estates is the ideal investment for those seeking unparalleled elegance and comfort in a community designed for lasting value.

Key Takeaway

Managed by Breighton Land, a trusted developer in the Philippines , the family-friendly amenities of Carmona Estates offer an enriching community experience.

Discover Carmona Estates and Oakwood Residences at Carmona Estates, where you find the ideal home that complements your family’s lifestyle and enhances your overall happiness and satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our communities. Share

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