Why Carmona Estates Is Ideal for Senior Citizens

What makes Carmona Estates ideal for senior citizens?

1. Contemporary home design
2. Easily accessible
3. Flood-protected area
4. Secure neighborhood
5. Family-friendly amenities

Why Carmona Estates Is Ideal for Senior Citizens

Why Carmona Estates Is Ideal for Senior Citizens What makes Carmona Estates ideal for senior citizens? 1. Contemporary home design 2. Easily accessible 3. Flood-protected area 4. Secure neighborhood...


- The elderly population in the Philippines has steadily increased, highlighting the importance of providing suitable living environments for seniors.
- Carmona Estates offers senior-friendly features including contemporary home design, accessibility, flood protection, secure neighborhood, and family-friendly amenities for enhanced living.

● The Republic Act 9994 designates individuals aged 60 and above as senior citizens in the Philippines, granting them various benefits.

● With the elderly population doubling from 4.6 million in 2000 to 9.22 million in 2020, projected to reach 14 percent by 2020, their well-being is crucial. In 2023, the population aged 65 and above in the Philippines reached 5.6%, growing steadily from 2.8% in 1974, at an average annual rate of 1.41%. This underscores the importance of supporting the elderly.

Carmona Estates is an ideal option for senior citizens, catering to senior citizens’ needs, and providing a conducive environment for their well-being and quality of life. This article highlights one of the premier house and lot properties in Cavite, managed by Breighton Land, and explores why it’s a smart choice for senior citizens.

Contemporary Home Design

For senior citizens, a single, open space that combines the kitchen, dining, and living areas is often more manageable. This layout minimizes narrow corridors, allowing for easier movement, and offers the flexibility to adapt furniture arrangements over time.

Moreover, open floor plans enable seniors to maintain awareness of their surroundings visually, which can be particularly beneficial for those with sensory impairments.

Carmona Estates’ contemporary home design features an expansive 104 square meter open floor plan on the ground level, facilitating seamless movement. Additionally, a bedroom situated on the lower floor eliminates concerns for seniors regarding navigating stairs, prioritizing their safety and convenience. These amenities collectively contribute to a well-rounded and enriching lifestyle, thus one of the best places to retire in Luzon.

Easily Accessible

Accessibility is appealing to senior citizens in search of a convenient and secure home base. Even for those without personal vehicles, commuting remains hassle-free, with buses and jeepneys readily available to transport them to various destinations.

Residing in Carmona Estates offers you an effortless journey thanks to its well-connected road networks such as CAVITEX, MCX, SKYWAY, and SLEX.

Not only that, but this property offers proximity to reputable banks, healthcare facilities, and schools known for their exceptional care and services. Leisure destinations such as Carmona Municipal Park, Balite Falls, and People’s Park in Tagaytay are conveniently located nearby for them to explore as well.

Flood-Protected Area

In the Philippines, where flooding presents a significant challenge, it’s crucial to prioritize residences that offer a safe and secure living environment. Carmona, Cavite stands out as a resilient refuge, ensuring families are protected from the unpredictable impacts of adverse weather conditions. Flood-prone areas can significantly affect the health of senior citizens, exposing them to heightened risks such as waterborne diseases, stress-related illnesses, and mobility challenges.

As a team committed to revitalizing and providing new developments to accommodate the evolving lifestyle needs of Filipinos in response to environmental factors, Breighton Land is introducing a new sub-section within Carmona Estates, known as Oakwood Residences.

Each home in Oakwood Residences at Carmona Estates embodies Breighton Land’s devotion to building lasting sanctuaries. Through strategic foresight, these residences are specifically designed to withstand the challenges of nature, offering peace of mind to their residents.

Secure Neighborhood

Tranquility and security define life in Carmona Estates. With guardhouses at every village entrance, rigorous security protocols are in place to safeguard residents and visitors. This commitment guarantees seniors a peaceful environment, essential for their well-being and peace of mind.

Carmona Estates has two main gates, accessible from Mayor’s Boulevard and Sugar Road. Additionally, each community within the estate has its guarded entrance, enhancing security. Dedicated security personnel conduct regular patrols, ensuring 24/7 peace and order. For seniors, a secure and serene living environment enables independence, relaxation, and a sense of belonging.

Family-Friendly Amenities

A community with family-friendly amenities is significant in shaping the life of a senior citizen, especially in addressing challenges like the inability to live well.

These amenities, such as parks, recreational facilities, and social spaces, cultivate a sense of belonging and promote physical activity and social interaction among seniors. This helps alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness while improving their overall well-being. Carmona Estates addresses these challenges with family-friendly amenities. With two clubhouses for private functions, two swimming pools for relaxation, and the Holy Rosary Chapel for spiritual satisfaction, residents and their growing family can enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle.

These amenities promote social engagement, physical well-being, and spiritual fulfillment, enhancing the overall quality of life for seniors and their families in Carmona Estates.

Key Takeaway

As a trusted real estate developer in the Philippines, Let Breighton Land assist you in choosing a property in Carmona Estates ideal for senior citizens, where you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of your golden years.

We create thriving environments where individuals not only own homes but also actively contribute to and benefit from a flourishing community. Contact us today.

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