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Breighton Land

Breighton is a people-focused real estate developer that revitalizes legacy projects and builds new communities for open class home buyers and owners.

Sunrise Service: We initiate bright and wholesome service, always setting a positive tone, listening patiently, and joyfully putting our customer first.

Trust Information: We listen to our stakeholders and pay attention to relationships, to build trust and success for all.

Diligent Solutioning: We tackle challenges with courage. believing that all problems have robust, honest solutions, hence we work hard every day.

People Empowerment: We encourage ownership of roles and empower our people to be responsible in all they do - from the smallest unseen acts to big, showstopping accomplishments.

Breighton Land Project

At Breighton Land, we're not just about real estate; we're about creating vibrant communities and unlocking the potential of every landscape. Our vision is simple yet powerful: to cultivate spaces where people can thrive, communities can flourish, and dreams can take flight.

Horizontal Projects

Breighton's horizontal projects evoke the best experience for our homeowners and families. Designs are modern, and the spaces are very large and flexible - ideal for today's modern family needs.

Vertical Project

Horizontal Project of Breighton Land

Breighton currently has projects in the Metro - particularly in Muntinlupa City and Cavite. More projects are also soon to take shape that will upgrade modern lifestyle for Filipino families

Why Breighton Land is the Best Choice?

Breighton works with existing developments to imbue them with new life by developing modern homes and roads, improving security, and working with homeowners to develop a fresh and vibrant community.

Generous Homes

At Breighton, we believe that home is not just a place, but a feeling—a feeling of warmth, of comfort, and of abundant generosity. That's why our homes are designed with your happiness in mind, infused with sunshine and sprinkled with joy.

Safe Communities

A well-guarded village means parents and children can enjoy their homes without having to worry about external threats to their families.

Terrific Amenities

We’re committed to building developments that feature accessible, high-value destinations, both inside and outside.

Decent Space

From spacious living areas that bask in natural light to lush green spaces where laughter dances on the breeze, every detail of a Breighton home is crafted to inspire a sense of openness and possibility. Our commitment to excellence means that every square foot is thoughtfully planned, every amenity carefully curated, so you can experience the true meaning of modern luxury living.

Video Gallery

The essence of our properties comes to life through stunning visual narratives. Immerse yourself in the world of Breighton as you embark on a virtual journey showcasing the beauty, elegance, and innovation of our real estate developments.


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