How to Verify the Credibility of a Real Estate Developer

How to Verify the Credibility of a Real Estate Developer

How can I verify the credibility of a real estate developer?

  1. Research about their brand and reputation
  2. Verify the developer’s legal standing
  3. Visit their past projects
  4. Inquire about their professional network
  5. Seek references and recommendations


  • The real estate industry in the Philippines is competitive, making it crucial to choose the right developer for property investment.
  • Ensure your real estate investment’s credibility by researching the developer’s brand, reputation, and building principles. Verify their legal status and inspect past projects for quality. Consider their professional networks and seek references for further assurance.
  • Collaborating with a credible developer ensures legal and construction integrity, contributing to the long-term value of the investment.
  • Breighton Land emphasizes transparency, professionalism, and customer satisfaction in its operations, making it a reliable choice for property investment in Luzon.

The real estate industry is a competitive market with many different builders stepping up to produce ideal homes. Thus, selecting the right real estate developer in the Philippines is important when buying a home.

When investing in properties, a real estate developer’s credibility can impact your home’s long-term value. It is only essential for a homebuyer to assess a real estate developer before committing.

In this article, we look at the different ways how to verify the credibility of a real estate developer for informed property investment decisions.

Research About Their Brand and Reputation

Research About Their Brand and Reputation

It is always a home buyer’s first attempt to do their research to verify the credibility of a real estate developer. As new and old real estate developers know the impact of the internet, they make sure that they are accessible on many platforms to tell their stories. These accounts focus on their uniqueness from the market like prioritizing eco-friendly features or revitalizing existing properties to better market the investment.

When deciding to partner or purchase from credible developers, homebuyers can look into their building philosophies to see if they reflect on their past projects. The mission and vision of developers are also a great way to know if they are people-focused professionals.

Verify the Developer’s Legal Standing

The credibility of a real estate developer is far more than their social media presence. While looking through portfolios is essential in checking the developer’s capabilities, verifying their legal standing outweighs the promised quality of your investment.

A credible real estate developer ensures that they have obtained all necessary licenses and credentials to operate legally.

Some key permits and licensures of property development corporations are

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration,
  • Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) license, and
  • Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).

When talking to real estate agents, it is important to check the legitimacy of their Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license.

Transparency in securing building permits reflects adherence to government regulations, ensuring long-term property safety.

Visit Their Past Projects

Visit Their Past Projects

Site visits are usually the first and most important strategy in verifying the credibility of property developers. They are often lengthy visits but are key steps in collecting insight and experiences on the projects of the real estate developers. They are first-hand measures when looking at the quality of a potential property building your confidence in your decisions.

In these visits, home buyers can have a more in-depth conversation with the developer or their representatives about their past builds, their process, and their experience. Apart from that, you and your family can have the occasion to do a more hands-on assessment of the structural design, plastering, fitting, fixtures, and paint quality of the project.

Inquire About Their Professional Network

Professional networks are pivotal in selecting a real estate developer, offering insights into reputation and reliability. Developers with strong connections, like Breighton, demonstrate a portfolio of successful projects and ethical conduct. Active participation in industry associations underscores commitment to industry standards.

These networks streamline transactions and offer access to expertise. Breighton’s partnerships with investors and landowners exemplify this, as they focus on expanding their landbank in key cities across Southern Luzon, showcasing dedication to growth and credibility in the industry.

Seek References and Recommendations

Building relationships with property agents, builders, and home seekers is crucial beyond online research. Connect with family, friends, and local real estate associations for recommendations on reputable developers.

Exchanging insights with buyers helps assess amenities, property accessibility, and local employment rates. Networking provides references to businesses that can aid in finding your ideal home.

Key Takeaway

Apart from its impact on the value appreciation of your investment, collaborating with a credible real estate developer ensures that your home is legally sound in both construction and paper.

At Breighton Land, we value transparency in our operations. From hiring respected professionals and prioritizing customer concerns, we create safer, marketable, and successful properties from existing developments in Luzon. To check more about our building philosophy, visit our website or contact us at Breighton Land today.

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