Top 5 Must-Visit Nearby Attractions in Alabang

What are the best nearby attractions in Alabang?

1. River Park and Water Garden
2. Filinvest bike trails
3. Filinvest City Central Park
4. Japanese Cemetery
5. Evia Lifestyle Center

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- Filipinos possess an innate spirit of adventure and curiosity, propelling them to explore the urban landscapes that surround them. This desire for exploration is deeply rooted in a cultural appreciation for community connections, culinary pleasures, and vibrant interactions. Throughout the Philippines, the cherished tradition of bonding over shared meals and experiences drives individuals to seek out hidden gems and unique destinations.
- One spot you shouldn’t miss in Luzon is Alabang. Here, you’ll find a mix of different cultures and exciting places to explore. In this article, we’ll highlight five must-visit nearby attractions in Alabang, so you can make the most of your trip or stay and enjoy all that this vibrant area has to offer.

● Filipinos have a deep-seated spirit of adventure and curiosity, leading them to explore urban landscapes and appreciate community connections and culinary delights.

● Alabang in Luzon offers a blend of cultures and exciting destinations to explore, making it a must-visit spot in the Philippines.

● Alabang’s must-visit attractions include the serene River Park, Filinvest Bike Trails, vibrant Central Park, historical Japanese Cemetery, and Evia Lifestyle Center.

River Park and Water Garden

Festival Mall has recently gone through some expansions with the construction of Landmark as well as the Water Garden and River Park. The latter one is a fresco, shaded, and has a lot of spots where you can hang around right by the Alabang River. It is along Commerce Avenue, Filinvest City in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

If you need a place to rest your feet after a tiresome window shopping, you can sit on the benches, stairs, or grass to chill. And it would be best to drop by and stay for a while in the late afternoon so you can enjoy the place illuminated with warm lights for a Christmas feeling even if it is not yet the season for it.

Filinvest Bike Trails

Filinvest City or Bike Trails is home to some of the largest extreme and endurance events. It is a 9-kilometer long mountain bike trail that has also become a spot for the elite, as well as those beginners in cycling.

Filinvest City also dedicated bike lanes which is not common in the metropolis’ CBDs. The 2-kilometer bike lane is a pioneer in integrating expansive sidewalks at the Spectrum Linear Park, and more bike lanes are being built continuously as part of Filinvest City’s vision of becoming a green city promoting health and awareness.

Filinvest City Central Park

If you’re looking for a vibrant open space where you can breathe fresh air while enjoying the company of our friends and family, Filinvest City’s Central Park is the perfect spot. This newly-opened Park has new outdoor events and a community center in Alabang.

Everyone can make use of the open space for picnics, biking, sports and even jogging. You can also enjoy the installations in the park which include outdoor gym equipment for adults and a playground for the kids. You can also use bike rental services to wander around, fitness, and sports activities like Zumba sessions, Frisbee, and Flag Football. There is also a food bazaar to fill your stomach and live acoustic bands on Fridays and Saturdays. In addition, Central Park is accessible and easy to locate.

Japanese Cemetery

This garden cemetery was dedicated to the Japanese soldiers who died during World War II. It was even declared by the Muntinlupa City Council in 1999 as one of its historical landmarks. If you visit the place, a Filipino-Japanese monument can also be seen there.

Japanese tourists drop by the cemetery to pay some respect to their ancestors. Visiting a burial site might send some chills to many and be a bit grim during your vacation but they’re also packed with historical and cultural value where we can learn some important points in history.

Evia Lifestyle Center

Visiting Evia Lifestyle Center in Alabang offers a convenient escape to a vibrant hub of leisure and entertainment. With its diverse array of shops, restaurants, and recreational facilities, Evia promises an enriching experience for locals.

Whether indulging in delectable dining options, catching a movie, or enjoying family-friendly activities, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, its modern and spacious layout provides a welcoming environment to unwind and socialize. Evia Lifestyle Center epitomizes convenience and relaxation, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking leisure and entertainment in the heart of Alabang.

Key Takeaway

Knowing great leisure spots in your area enhances the quality of life, fostering relaxation, socialization, and exploration. It promotes community engagement, supports local businesses, and provides opportunities for recreation and rejuvenation, ultimately contributing to overall well-being and enjoyment of one’s surroundings.

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